Audison Prima Forza AP F8-9 bit

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The new AP F8.9 bit is the ideal for the most demanding integration projects, where high power is required along with the flexibility of the nine-channel DSP.

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AP F8.9 bit

The word “Forza”, meaning “Power” in Italian, well describes the 8 x 85 W RMS and 4 x 260 in bridge mode (RMS @ 4Ω), with an optimal power to size ratio. The integrated processor is equipped with a dedicated software and 7 pre-configured presets for a Plug & Sound experience. Thanks to the built-in Audison USS technology (Universal Speakers Simulator), AP F8.9 bit can also be correctly connected to head-units with “speaker load detection” function that monitors the presence of a low-impedance load to enable the audio outputs.

Power Output 
Load Imp. 8 Channels 4 Channels (bridge)
4 Ohm   85 W x 8 260 W x 4
2 Ohm 130 W x 8

High-power 8 channels amplifier with 9-channel built-in processorThe AP F8.9 bit amplifier, delivering 8 * 85 W or 4 * 260 W(RMS @ 4Ω), is dedicated to OEM Integration where high power is required.The integrated nine-channel DSP includes a guided setup routine to set up OEM sources input level and de-equalization.

The AP F8.9 bit features 7 pre-configured DSP presets selectable via rotary switch for a Plug & Sound experience. The ninth channel pre-out is perfect to drive a mono amplifier (AP1 D) or an active subwoofer (APBX 10 AS).



Full DA – Full Digital Audio

Pure digital signal transfer with a resolution up to 24 bit / 48 kHz.



Auto tuning by Audison bit Tune and communication with bit Drive portal.


DE-EQ – De Equalization

De-equalization function to “flatten” any equalization applied by default by OEM sources.


USS technology

USS technology allows APF 8.9 bit to work with head-units featuring the “speaker load detection” circuit

iDatalink Maestro AR compatibility

When AP bit amplifiers are installed into a compatible vehicle using the iDatalink Maestro AR (sold separately), the user can enjoy a perfect integration with factory installed navigation, advanced safety systems, voice-controlled hands-free and infotainment. (Only for North America)