Audison Prima APK 165 /2


APK 165 Ω2

APK 165 Ω2 system features 2 crossovers dedicated to woofer and tweeter and separated, to ease the installation. APCX WF Ω2 crossover shapes AP 6.5 Ω2’s frequency response to match it optimally with AP 1 tweeter; it also employs a Low ESR inductor, essential to maximize the power transfer to the 2Ω coil. APCX TW Ω2 tweeter crossover, instead, is provided with the Hi-Contour function, to enhance the high frequencies, designed to achieve the correct timbre balance with rich low frequencies guaranteed by the woofer.


This low impedance set of Prima speakers will gain you more usable power when used in conjunction with a Prima amplifier. Other than a 2 Ohm impedance the product is identical to the standard APK 165.

audison.euAPK 165 Ω22 WAY SYSTEM1 2Ω impedance, to fully exploit the 65 W power per channel at 2Ω of the AP8.9 bit amplifier.

75 Hz resonance frequency, to extend the frequency range down to low frequencies up to 50 Hz and increase the SPL in the low range.
25 mm mobile voice coil to maximize efficiency achieving 95 dB.410 mm winding height mobile voice coil to increase maximum linear excursion up to 2,8 mm and minimize distortion, even at high listening levels.
APCX WF Ω2, dedicated woofer crossover with low-loss voice coils to shape the frequency response for optimal match with the tweeter.
APCX TW Ω2, tweeter crossover featuring the Hi-Contour function to enhance high frequencies, designed to achieve the correct timbre balance with rich low frequencies guaranteed by the woofer.
AP 1 tweeter with acoustic lens designed to balance the frequency response in the 10kHz – 13kHz range, to optimize the product’s acoustic emission in the critical OEM placements, where the product performance is affected by the presence of the factory grille.
Connection cable built in the passive crossover and ending with “OEM Integration compliant” fast-on connectors. The ends, different in each of the two poles, eliminate any possible connection errors, speedingup the installation process and making it safe in the course of time.
AP 6.5 Ω2 woofer featuring water-repellent treated paper cone, with profile developed with FEM simulation technology and optimized with Klippel Scan Vibrometer.
Woofer with reduced mounting depth, providing ease of installation in OEM placements.
Woofer with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) surround, featuring the exclusive “Triple Wave” shallow profile, for maximum excursion linearity.
Woofer with compact basket, protected by abrasion-resistant and scratch-proof coating. Damping epoxy glue provides perfect coupling with the motor system.
Woofer with high current fast-on terminal with double contact on positive and negative poles for high flexibility and quick connection. The terminalfeatures a temperature resistant plastic cover, protecting it against accidental short circuits.
Developed with the KLIPPEL suite.
* Grille included

Technical Data


Comp 2 way System
Size 165 mm (6.5″) Woofer
26 mm (1″) Tweeter
46,5 x 37,5 x 20,1 mm (1.83″ x 1.47 x 0.8) Crossover
Power Handling 100 W Continuous Power
300 W Peak Power
Impedance 2 Ω
Frequency Response 50 – 20k Hz
Sensitivity 95 dB/Spl