APBMW S8-2 Subwoofer for BMW-MINI


Originally specified as woofers by BMW, Audison prove it is possible to get sub bass from these position with this 8″ replacement speaker. Reaching down to 40Hz and with a 2 Ohm impedance your system will never have sounded this good before!

Price is for a Single Woofer


Subwoofers have been designed with electro-acoustic parameters that maximize performance for the factory box available below the seats. The ABS plastic basket, reinforced with fiberglass, and the acoustic structure featuring a front magnet, provide for a minimal installation depth for a perfect compatibility with the whole range. Two 5 mm polyurethane gaskets, supplied, allow the subwoofer to fit perfectly to the box, decoupling it from vibration.

The 200 mm (8″) APBMW S subwoofers allow a “direct replacement” of the OEM speakers underneath the front seats, making the most of the factory acoustic load and generating deep and crisp low frequencies. You can choose between S8-2 with 2 ohm impedance and S8-4 with 4 ohm impedance for improved system composition versatility. In fact, in the mid-high passive filtered system configuration, with the crossover provided, 4 of the 8-channels of the AP 8.9 bit can be configured in bridge mode delivering 130W rms to each S8-4 installed under the seat. The S8-2 can be used in a fully active, multi-amplified front system, maximizing the power of the AP 8.9 bit at 2 ohms, and employing additional 2 channels for the rear system. The Neodymium magnet used on S8-4 and S8-2 allows for greater power and control than ferrite, while maintaining the depth of installation unaltered.


Neodymium Magnetic group
To maximize performance while minimizing bulk and weight.
Developed with electroacoustic parameters customized for BMW-Mini
To increase listening engagement, through powerful and crisp low frequencies, exploiting the acoustic load provided by the factory box.
38 mm voice coil wound on aluminium support
For a considerable power dissipation and stability even during high excursions.
Two 5 mm gaskets provided
For OEM placements.
2 ohm configuration for maximum output
In combination with AP 8.9 bit in active multi-amplification.


Technical Data
Component Woofer
Size  mm (in.) 200 (8)
Power Handling  W peakW continuos 300150
Impedance  Ω 2
Frequency Response  Hz 40 ÷ 500
Magnet size D x d x h  mm(in.) 48 (1.89) x 18 (0.71) x 7 (0.28)
Weight of one speaker  kg (lb.) 1,21 (2.67)
Voice Coil Ø  mm (in.) 50 (2)