Audison Prima AP T-H BMW01


Designed specifically to connect your Audison Prima amplifier to your specific vehicle without modifying the vehicles original wiring system. It can deliver all required signals and power from one connection plug.



T-Harness “DCC” is the Plug&Play solution for BMW to integrate Audison Prima with the factory car audio system. The battery positive is taken from the head unit without the need of reaching the engine compartment thanks to the DCC* solution.

*The DCC solution, (Direct Cockpit Current) can be used combined with the AP bit amplifiers’ feature which controls the amplifier absorption peaks, protecting the car power supply system.


Designed specifically for your vehicle

For maximum OEM integration.

Connection to the AP Extension cable through ISO connectors
Possibility to supply power to the amplifier via the direct cockpit current system

Without the need of routing the cable through the engine compartment (with Audison Prima DCC solution).

ACC wire to re-launch ignition key signal to turn on / off an external device*

*In those vehicles featuring ignition key connection wire (ACC wire), see compatibility list