Audison Prima AP 6.5/2BB


Audison Prima 6.5″ 2 Ohm driver in brown box packaging for those looking to squeeze extra power from this excellent set of woofers. Make sure your amplifier will run a 2 Ohm load before you buy or get your local installer to fit them for you. A perfect match for the Prima range of compact amplifiers.


AP 6.5 Ω2

AP 6.5 Ω2 woofer has been developed with 2Ω nominal impedance with the purpose of exploiting all the power made available by the AP8.9 bit amplifier capable of 65W into a 2Ω load. To maximize the woofer efficiency achieving 95 dB, a 25 mm diameter 10 mm winding height coil, so a more lightweight coil, has been employed, at the same time also providing a linear excursion 2.8 mm higher than the one of AP 6.5 (4Ω), therefore ensuring high SPL values with minimum distortion even at high listening levels. To extend the woofer’s frequency range down to low frequencies up to 50 Hz a 75 Hz resonance frequency has been chosen, achieving excellent low frequency output even without the use of a subwoofer.

Tecnical Data
Comp Woofer
Size 165 mm (6,5″)
Power Handling 70 W Continuous Power
210 W Peak Power
Impedance 2 Ω
Frequency Response 50 ÷ 5k Hz
Sensitivity 95 dB/Spl
Magnet High density flux ferrite
Dome Water-repellent treated paper cone


  • 2Ω impedance, to fully exploit the 65 W power per channel at 2Ω of the AP8.9 bit amplifier.
  • 75 Hz resonance frequency, to extend the frequency range down to low frequencies up to 50 Hz and increase the SPL in the low range.
  • 25 mm mobile voice coil to maximize efficiency achieving 95 dB
  • 10 mm winding height mobile voice coil to increase maximum linear excursion up to 2,8 mm and minimize distortion, even at high listening levels.
  • Water-repellent treated paper cone, featuring profile developed with FEM simulation technology and optimized with the Klippel Scan Vibrometer.
  • Reduced mounting depth, providing ease of installation in OEM placements.
  • TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) surround, featuring the exclusive “Triple Wave” shallow profile, for maximum excursion linearity.
  • Compact basket, protected by abrasion-resistant and scratch-proof coating. Damping epoxy glue provides perfect coupling with the motor system.
  • High current fast-on terminal with double contact on positive and negative poles for high flexibility and quick connection. The terminal features a temperature resistant plastic cover, protecting it against accidental short circuits.
  • Developed with the KLIPPEL suite