Audison bit One HD


Audison bit One processor capable of processing 24bit 96kHz HD audio.

Award winning product for 2016/17, this sophisticated sound processor is ideal for integrating multi-channel OEM systems and handles up to 13 channels. Features flexible, sophisticated filtering, equalisation and time alignment options previously unavailable to designers of high end HD audio systems.

A first of its kind and the perfect for full DA HD music systems.

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bit One HD
Thanks to the Analog Devices DSP (ADSP-21489), 32 bit floating-point Sharc series (450 MHz clock), bit One HD Virtuoso makes the most of Hi-Res audio files achieving studio master quality in your car. bit One HD is able to develop an Audison Full DA HD chain, providing pure digital signal tranfer: the digital audio signal comes through one of the two optical digital inputs (TOSLINK up to 24 bit/192 kHz), is processed by the DSP at 24 bit/96 kHz and is sent to Audison amplifiers through two AD link ports, preserving all the information of the Hi-Res audio file reproduced. A dedicated FIR firmware release enables the user to process up to 9 digital channels with crossover FIR filters. Through this type of sound processing, much more demanding in terms of calculation resources, a leading-edge in-car listening experience is achieved. Three equalizers based on two different types of digital filters (FIR and IIR) manage the frequency response: 5 poles input equalization (MASTER and AUX) FIR type, to flatten the curve based on the input selected; IIR 11 poles output equalizer, to adapt the frequency response in the car compartment; 5 poles main equalization, FIR type, to “shape” the sound of the entire system according to the user’s personal music preferences. When bit One HD is connected to an OEM head unit, a guided configuration routine automatically synchronizes the input audio channels, which are often time-delayed from the OEM source or amplifier, prior to the signals summing. A De-equalization of the OEM system frequency response is then performed, featuring linear-phase FIR filters, to obtain an unparalleled reconstruction of the original signal without altering the phase response. The RVA (Remote Volume Aux) function allows the selection of an auxiliary source (like the Audison bit Play HD) and adjust its volume via the OEM Head Unit. The system setup is graphically managed and all the tuning features can be accessed intuitively, according to specific criteria required by the car audio industry. bit One HD features 8 memories for the pre-sets of the Windows-based (10, 8, 7 edition) PC software. Twelve input channels for four different signal typologies (amplified, pre-amplified and TOSLINK optical digital) and six different sources managed through DRC MP remote control (provided), making the bit One HD a unique interface suitable for any need. 13 analog and/or digital output channels ensure a wide expandability for any audio system configuration. Connecting the bit One HD to the Audison bit Tune through an automatic procedure, all the processor’s basic audio parameters can be optimized (time alignment, equalization and output levels) ensuring an excellent acoustic result.

Tech. features
Analog Inputs 12 high lev. + 6 pre in
Digital Inputs 2
Analog Outputs 13
Digital Outputs 13
Equalizers for each Outputs ±12 dB; 11 poles IIR type, N.9 Parametric Equalizers: ±12 dB; 5 poles FIR type (alternative FIR firmware release)
Crossover Filter Type Full / High-Pass / Low-Pass / Band-Pass
Filter mode and slope Linkwitz @ 12 / 24 / 36 / 48 dB Butterworth @ 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 30 / 36 / 42 / 48 dB Bessel @ 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 30 / 36 dB FIR mode (alternative firmware version) @ 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 30 / 36 / 42 / 48 dB

reversing camera:   Audio DSP and converters Analog Devices DSP (ADSP-21489), 32 bit floating-point Sharc series (450 MHz clock). Cirrus Logic (CS5368 8ch and CS4365 6ch) A/D and D/A converters (24 bit/192 kHz) providing very high level performance Inputs 12 independent high-level channels (signal-summing) or 6 independent analog low-level channels2 analog low-level stereo auxiliary inputs2 optical digital inputs (TOSLINK) Memory 8 Preset separately managed and recalled from the DRC MP Outputs 13 IIR or 9 FIR independent low-level analog channels and 2 AD Link outputs. 13 IIR or 9 FIR independent digital audio channels to be connected through two CAT 5.S LAN cables for use with AD Link provided amplifiers Turn on Controls ART™, Automatic Remote turn On/Off for high level inputs through the DRC MP Configuration Guided procedure for the calibration and “signal routing” of the input channels to the output channels based on type and number of inputs, loudspeakers and amplifiers, for the system setup to be developed Signal summing, De-Equalization and Delay compensation Automatic algorithms dedicated to the reconstruction of a stereo signal from a multi-channel signal and to fine-tune the signal in advanced OEM systems: time delay compensation (De-Ta); sum of multi-amplified and limited bandwidth signals; signal de-equalization (De-Eq) In/Out Volume Input sensitivity automatically adjusted for the main inputs (Wizard with CD and DVD Test)Manual input sensitivity adjustment for auxiliary inputs (SW)Independent level control for each output channel for system fine-tuning (-40 ÷ 0 dB) Dynamic Equalizer Automatic system for the dynamic equalization between low and high listening levels, to be selected by the user via DRC MP Equalizers Four 5-poles parametric FIR type equalizers, one for each sourceThirteen 11-poles IIR equalizers / Nine 5-poles FIR equalizers (alternative FIR firmware), one for each output channel5-poles parametric FIR type main equalizer Bass Boost Low frequencies enhancement based on parametric equalizer, bound to the Woofer and Sub sections, to be set up by the user and selectable via DRC MP Crossover filter Filter type: Hi-Pass, Lo-Pass, Band-Pass, Full RangeCut-off frequency: 70 steps available from 10 ÷ 20 kHzCut-off slope: 6 ÷ 48 dB Oct.; Bessel 6 ÷ 36 dB Oct.Alignments: Linkwitz, Butterworth, Bessel, FIR mode (alternative firmware version)Mute/Solo: for each output (On/Off)Phase: for each output (0°/180°) Time alignment Procedure to set up the time delays on the real distances between the loudspeakers and the listening point (0÷22 ms max). The system also provides for a manual fine-tuning in steps of 0.01 ms Auto restart Auto restart in case of DSP fault DRC MP Control: Master Volume (-60 ÷ 0 dB), Subwoofer Volume (MUTE, – 11,5 ÷ 0 dB), Balance, Fader; Inputs selection; Management of the pre-sets stored; Bass Boost function turn on/off PC Connection 1 micro USB connector (1.1/2.0/ 3.0 compatible) to connect to the PC bit One HD software Windows-based software (32/64 bit): Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 available in “Standard” or “Expert” modeMinimum resolution: 800 x 600